10 Things to Look For in a Church

Are you looking for a church?, What is it that should indicate to you whether that church is walking in the right path? Below we have given you 10 things that gives us a good snap shot of where a church is spiritually.

1) Do the people carry their Bibles to church?

2) Are the songs picked to exalt the nature of Christ?

3) Is the sermon and the entire philosophy of the church based upon the Bible alone?

4) Do the majority of people who attend on Sunday attend prayer meeting?

5) Does everyone know who the missionaries are?

6) Is the offering seen as an opportunity to worship God?

7) Is the pastor surrounded by godly people who share the work?

8) Is children's ministry/Sunday School just baby sitting or does it allow even the children an opportunity to worship?

9) Do the people seem passionate about their relationship with Jesus?

10) Do you hear the message of repentance taught regularly?

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