Dear friends,

It has been awhile since I've had the opportunity to write you so I wish to give you an update.

After 16 years of teaching God’s Word through broadcasting on radio, this particular format of teaching came to a conclusion. Over the past few months I have been prayerfully seeking the Lord’s will as how to most effectively teach and proclaim His Word.

However, it is hard not to become discouraged when I see how far the evangelical church has moved away from the things that it once so eagerly held to and boldly proclaimed just a decade ago. While there are still a remnant of Bible teachers and Bible believing churches, I am reminded of what we read in the opening chapter of the book of Judges, “There arose a generation that knew not the Lord, nor the things of the Lord”.

During past the six months I've been using some of this time to work towards achieving my doctorate degree in theology, from Whitefield Theological Seminary, where R.C Spoul studied and received His doctorate. Through this time I have been encouraged in the studies of Martin Luther and other reformers who found themselves in much the same spiritual environment as we find ourselves in today. Truly the church is dying for a lack of the study of the Word of God. We don’t need stories or jokes or three quick points on Sunday morning. We need to hear the Word, boldly, unashamedly, and honestly. It is not our job to create results, that the work of the Holy Spirit. Our job is to boldly preach the Word.

Well, after this time aside, I feel more than ever, the need to stir the pot, and get back at reviving the church. However, so few people care any more, and fewer even understand what church is suppose to be. That is why I am returning to you, those who have stood by me in the past.

If the Lord should stir you to team with me then there are certain things that will be required:
1) I will need prayerful support to face the certain attacks from Satan for rekindling this venture.
2) I will need your financial support so I can support my family while I give myself to His service, and expand the ministry.
3) I will need you to spread the word and help me find opportunities to speak in churches, or church groups and to individuals.
4) Use the teaching material as much as possible in your life and wherever you have opportunity.
5) Keep in touch so we can work together.

If you have the internet, let me point you to a couple of websites. The first is my personal site which has some of my written teaching material. Our audio teaching will be found on our other site this will include sermons, bible teaching from our radio broadcast and lectures.

If you do not have the internet I will be glad to send you a monthly audio lesson on a CD. For those who are more technical you can receive our messages via Podcast.

Again I would like to thank you all for your past support, and I would be pleased to meet with you and discuss this with you.

Please feel free to call me at (613) 539-0854 or email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lord Bless